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Are you a healthcare professional looking for job opportunities? Or a healthcare organization looking to hire some skilled nurses within a short notice? In both the cases, you can get the help of a reputed medical staffing agency that can provide you considerable relief from tiring efforts and saves much of your precious time. MSG Staffing Solutions is one that agency that offers healthcare job opportunities to the job seekers and act as a nurse recruiter for the employers in USA.

Acute shortage of qualified physicians in USA

As per the latest news reports of CBS news, United States of America along with many other nations is heading towards a scenario where there will be acute shortage of physicians and other healthcare workers. The report states that a whopping number of 52,000 primary care physicians are required by healthcare organizations by the year 2025. The figure is only for primary care physicians so the actual figures for all healthcare professionals could be much higher..
This directly means that as a healthcare professional , there are a plethora of job opportunities at your doorstep. However, it is always a wise decision to choose a job that suits your qualification and interests at best. EmpowerCare offer a dream job with a desired flexibility as a leading medical placement company. Whatever may be your requirement, permanent or contractual; our trained professionals take care of everything.

Why to choose MSG Staffing Solutions?

There are multiple reasons for choosing MSG Staffing Solutions and some of them are listed below.

For Jobseeker –

Experience nurse jobs placement absolutely free – without any monetary cost.
After a certain period, healthcare professional is qualified for getting insurance and travel benefits.
A large database of latest job openings not listed anywhere else.
Flexibility to work on hourly, daily or weekly basis as the openings of choices are more.
Attractive referral incentive for job seekers under some pre-defined conditions.

For a healthcare organization-

Effective dialogue is maintained to know about specific client’s needs to serve in a desired manner.
No need to spend time or resources on background checking of candidates to be hired.
Can do immediate hiring from a pool of qualified physicians at hand within flat 30 minutes.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also submit your resume or your staffing needs online on our website. We enjoy a great reputation in the industry as a genuine and thorough professional Recruiting Firm as well as an excellent agency offering a myriad of opportunities for the jobseekers. We are currently serving clients in the states of MA, ME, CT, and NH.

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