Overcome The Shortage of Pharmacists

The ever expanding hospital networks have posed a serious problem of shortage of adequate health care professionals for rural and semi-urban areas all across the US. Just like physician and nurses are required to treat patients, pharmacists are also needed to provide medicine to them. The shortage of pharmacists is not a problem that can be easily solved. However, by hiring a competent pharmacist recruiter, you can ensure your facility has the staffing you need at all stages of the patient journey. If you are looking for qualified candidates to work as pharmacists in your organization then EmpowerCare is your ultimate destination to get the desired results without any effort.

Statistics regarding shortage of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals

According to a study conducted by the American Pharmacists Association, rural areas lack skilled pharmacists when compared to urban areas. This is because the majority of pharmacist candidates live and work in urban areas and are reluctant to move. Salary is also remarkably different between urban and rural pharmacies. To compound the issue, rural hospitals and medical facilities can often lack the resources to complete rigorous background checks while hiring. This is something that EmpowerCare can take care of, for such facilities.

In both rural and urban areas, healthcare organizations are increasingly relying upon staffing agencies to provide candidates for physicians, nurses and other allied health jobs in their organizations. EmpowerCare works passionately to bridge the gap between demand and supply for qualified healthcare staff. Presently EmpowerCare has operations in MA, NH, ME and CT in the USA.

Advantages of hiring MSG Staffing Solutions

There are numerous advantages of hiring EmpowerCare for all your staffing needs including pharmacists, nurses and skilled technicians. You can get a dedicated account manager to take care of your specific needs and provide the right candidates at a really fast pace. Moreover, all credentials are checked thoroughly by the recruiting agency and thus saves your organization time and resources.

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